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Welcome to the website of Jun Shiau. If you are interested in our products and services, or if you have any questions or suggestions, please fill out the form below and send us the message. Once we received your message, we will get back to you asap. Thank you !

Jun Shiau Machinery Co., Ltd.

ADDRESS : No.100, Sec. 1, Guofeng Rd., Shengang Dist., Taichung City 42942, Taiwan

TEL : +886-4-25277165

FAX : +886-4-25239786

Sanderson Machinery Co., Ltd.

※ New customer fill out 1~9.
※ Please mark《v》or fill out with detail information in case offer suitable sander.

※ The above information only for our reference, please check the appropriated item or contact  us for specific function.

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