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As extreme weather becomes more frequent and global warming accelerates, Jun Shiau/Sanderson are aware of our personal behaviors have impact on society and the environment.

Jun Shiau/Sanderson are providing products that satisfy customers, taking good care of employees and contributing to social welfare, we also hope to do the best to save energy and reduce carbon emissions for the earth. While moving towards to be a century-old corporate, we should go along with protecting the nature. The overall contribution may not be large, but we believe that change is a good start


Factory greening: Provide a comfortable working environment.

Lighting: The factory was completely replaced with LED lighting.

Planted trees: More than 400 trees planted so far.

Low-carbon sports: Encourage employees to join environmentally friendly and healthy bike team.

Renewable energy: Solar power generation facilities (expected to be completed by 2025)
Carbon Footprint Verification: Commencement of Carbon Footprint Verification plan for factory.

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