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Unlike others, Jun Shiau focus on development, production and marketing of wide belt sander from light to heavy duty. We provide high quality products and always work to upgrade our products in order to satisfy customers' needs.

Jun Shiau Machinery Co., Ltd.
Jun Shiau Machinery Co., Ltd.

Research and Development Department


R & D team is not only works well but also lead-in the product into top design. Meanwhile, follow customer specific requirements, designed to meet customer's need.

Jun Shiau Machinery Co., Ltd.

Production Department


Professional assembly, each process are strictly controlled, each machine dedicated technical staff responsible for the assembly, control and adjustment, in addition to showing superior technology.

Jun Shiau Machinery Co., Ltd.

Quality Control Department


Using precise measurement, improving the quality of products and create a continuous improvement and organizational culture, gaining customers consistent postitive response.

Jun Shiau Machinery Co., Ltd.

Marketing Department


Excellent sales team always tracking market trends on time. Tailor-made of customer requirements and the positive market development, coordination of global distributors, also great sales support. 

Jun Shiau Machinery Co., Ltd.

Administration Department


Leading in ERP software information system, using management information to strengthen the material control and manufacturing management, reduce costs and enhance overall competitiveness.

We will communicate with customer and offer suitable sander
before taking orders in case to satisfy their needs.

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